How to Dominate Digital Marketing Like an Expert

August 18, 2015

In this episode of the Legal Technology Review Podcast, my guest Jason Marsh, digital marketing expert, discusses how lawyers, law firms, and legal professionals can utilize digital marketing to help their businesses succeed. You won't want to miss his phenomenal tips for small business owners, and you'll definitely want to check out his opinion on social media marketing!


The Best New Apps for Lawyers - July 2015

August 4, 2015

The best new apps for lawyers, law firms and legal service professionals, released in July 2015. Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, and in this episode of the Legal Technology Review Podcast, a discussion about the Microsoft Garage Project, with a host of new apps available on all platforms.


eDiscovery Experts: The Secret Weapons of Modern Litigation

July 29, 2015

Litigation today involves information stored on computers, servers, cell phones, tablets, cloud-based networks, and third-party email servers. Just obtaining any of that data in discovery is a monumental task for a lawyer on his or her own, let alone being able to process and understand it. Hidden information, or metadata, can hold the keys to your client's case, and knowing how to access and retain that metadata is an essential skill. One you might not have. That's where your eDiscovery Expert comes in. In this episode of the Legal Technology Review, I am joined by eDiscovery Expert Andy Webb, to discuss the lessons he's learned working on eDiscovery for a third-party vendor as well as in-house at a major regional law firm.


Best New Apps for Lawyers - June 2015

July 7, 2015

On this episode of the Legal Technology Review, I discuss June's best new apps for lawyers. Whether you're looking for new apps to help with your law firm's contact list, email marketing, Facebook Ads, scheduling, visual content creation, or just looking for a great trivia game, I've got an app for you on this list - iOS, Android or Windows Phone.


3 Ways to Better Protect Your Law Firm from a Cyber Attack

June 30, 2015

These days, cyber security is no joke. Yet when I talk to lawyers and law firms about the need for better security against cyber attacks, the immediate reaction is fear. Then they go back to their billable hours. But it's not the fault of the lawyers. Well, not completely. And they can actually do something to make it better!

In this episode of the Legal Technology Review Podcast, Larry Port, CEO of Rocket Matter, joins me to discuss what lawyers and law firms can do to better protect themselves from a cyber attack.

The Best Home Office for Your Law Practice

June 23, 2015

In this episode of the Legal Technology Review Podcast, I discuss the important features and mindset behind creating the best possible home office. Learn how my guest, Alison Monahan, has set up the perfect remote office for her business, and how her experience can help you.


How to Create a Powerful Brand for Your Law Firm

June 16, 2015

When a prospective client sees your law firm's logo, what do they think? Odds are, nothing. Most law firms have done a poor job of creating an effective brand.

If your brand doesn't help your prospective clients decide to pick you rather than someone else, start over. Your brand should reflect who you are, what kind of business you want to run, and what sets you apart. 

Your brand needs to say: "This is us, this is our story, here's how we're different, and here's why we're the best choice for you." Your prospective clients are paying a premium. Let them understand why.


Defeating the Robots: How Lawyers Avoid Becoming Obsolete

June 7, 2015

Being useful. It's one of the most important things a person can be. It provides a sense of fulfillment, of achievement, of success. But more than that, it provides the ability to earn a living. In this episode, I speak with Joshua Lenon, attorney-in-residence at Clio, about what attorneys must do to remain relevant, to remain useful - to avoid becoming obsolete.